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Dragon Fun
The 3-in-1 Inflatable Sailboat! Enjoy the maximum amount of sailing fun and the ultimate feeling of freedom. I am flexible, can be taken with you to any place and do whatever you want to do: sailing, rowing or using an outboard engine. I only require some air, water and care.
Boat Dimension - Length: 9' (2.75m) - Beam: 419" (1.45m) - Draft: 2'10" (0.85m) Boat Capacity (Maximum) - Number of persons: 3+1 - Payload: 500 Kg (1100 Ib.) - Outboard motor: 6 kw (8 hp) Sailing Rig Dimension - Mast length: 10'10" (3.30 m) - Boom length: 617" (2.00 m) - Sail area: 42 sq.ft. (3.90m2)
Dragon Fun
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